“I have wanted to try strength building for a while and its an exercise that i have been nervous to try as my strength is low due to Rheumatoid Athritis, i have to ask my partners 11 year old daughter to open jars for me!
On a big house clean mission i found my partners old weights all covered in cobwebs and dust, i thought now is the time.
So I picked them up and nearly strained myself in the process, mmmm maybe weights aren’t for me.
But then i thought no, lets find a way to make them work for me. So i got rid of the weights and was left with an empty dumbell.
I booked myself on a Jenny Drew’s ‘Lift!’ strength class this morning and shyly said ‘im not strong enough yet to lift weights, so im starting where I am at, with these.’
Jenny said great that i was giving it a go.
Ive just finished my first strength training, it was ace, supportive of where i was at, i feel strong, sweaty and ready to move into my day.
I did feel a bit silly first but i kept in my mind, that i will build up to eventually adding weights.
Whatever we do wherever we are, we have the choice to
‘to start where we are at’”