“I have wanted to try strength building for a while and its an exercise that i have been nervous to try as my strength is low due to Rheumatoid Athritis, i have to ask my partners 11 year old daughter to open jars for me!
On a big house clean mission i found my partners old weights all covered in cobwebs and dust, i thought now is the time.
So I picked them up and nearly strained myself in the process, mmmm maybe weights aren’t for me.
But then i thought no, lets find a way to make them work for me. So i got rid of the weights and was left with an empty dumbell.
I booked myself on a Jenny Drew’s ‘Lift!’ strength class this morning and shyly said ‘im not strong enough yet to lift weights, so im starting where I am at, with these.’
Jenny said great that i was giving it a go.
Ive just finished my first strength training, it was ace, supportive of where i was at, i feel strong, sweaty and ready to move into my day.
I did feel a bit silly first but i kept in my mind, that i will build up to eventually adding weights.
Whatever we do wherever we are, we have the choice to
‘to start where we are at’”


Jenny Drew is an amazing trainer and an amazing person.

She’s the right combination of fitness and fun.

If you’re worried or self conscious about going to the gym and training, you couldn’t be in better hands.

Jenny understands the complexity of these issues and will help you over come your fear and find a healthier, happier you as she guides you through your journey.

Great taste in music too 😉

I’d highly recommend 👌🏻


Jenny is a fantastic fitness guru and I highly recommend her classes and training sessions! She has a wonderful supportive way of taking away your fears and genuinely makes exercise fun! Join Jenny’s amazing classes – you’ll be really glad you did! Five fabulous stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I’ve been training with Jenny for about 10 months and before I started working out with her I’d honestly never enjoyed exercise. Jenny’s sessions are always fun – even when I arrive in a terrible mood, or completely unmotivated I leave feeling amazing. Jenny’s helped me find things I like doing, written training programs, coached me through injuries and has just been generally brilliant! 👊💪🥇


I used to be all shy and stay away from people but now I’ve joined a club and have made friends. I used to be scared of people but now I go out and talk to people. I’d recommend the gym to get you to feel more confident and less scared of people in the community. You can’t be scared all your life. I’ve got a lot of anger and this helps me get it out without hurting anyone. My muscles have got bigger and that makes me feel bigger.

Young man, age 14

I am not exaggerating to say that learning to lift properly has changed my life … and my body! I always wanted to use free weights but as a girl/woman found it hard to break into what I perceived to be the most masculine corner of the gym. I am so grateful for Jenny’s kind, patient and knowledgeable tuition. I fly solo now – mostly lifting at home – but I know that I can always call on Jenny should I need more help in the future. She’s a diamond!