Personal Training

What is the best workout for you?
The one you actually do.

Working out should be something you love to do! It should be fun, challenging, a celebration of movement. I want you to understand your body, find out what it is capable of, and learn to take care of it. Strengthen the muscles, explore ranges of motion, get more flexible so that you can move through life with more ease.

We will use Calisthenics (strengthening large muscle groups with minimal equipment). Muscle cells need more energy to maintain than fat cells, so people with more muscle have faster metabolism. This type of movement is designed to help you to function better in real life and reduce your risk of injury.

I have experience in working with mental health and understand the impact of anxiety, depression and trauma and how this can be a barrier to exercise. Feelings of shame and fear of failure can make it difficult to access exercise in the first place. I want to help you to find new ways to work through these blocks so that you can hopefully improve your mental health by becoming more connected to the body.

We will

– Explore movement to find exercises that suit you
– Have a programme that you can do at home, in your garden or park
– Look at your nutrition to help find the foods to get the best from your body

But first of all, let’s chat! E-mail me at


I am not exaggerating to say that learning to lift properly has changed my life … and my body! I always wanted to use free weights but as a girl/woman found it hard to break into what I perceived to be the most masculine corner of the gym. I am so grateful for Jenny’s kind, patient and knowledgeable tuition. I fly solo now – mostly lifting at home – but I know that I can always call on Jenny should I need more help in the future. She’s a diamond!




I’ve been training with Jenny for about 10 months and before I started working out with her I’d honestly never enjoyed exercise. Jenny’s sessions are always fun – even when I arrive in a terrible mood, or completely unmotivated I leave feeling amazing. Jenny’s helped me find things I like doing, written training programs, coached me through injuries and has just been generally brilliant! 👊💪🥇